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    Herbaceous Sprouts

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    Herbaceous Sprouts

    Everyone has a green thumb when playing Herbaceous Sprouts. Unwind while enjoying this beautiful and thoughtful game of collecting seeds, using tools, and growing sprouts in the community garden. Gather your seeds and tools from the shed, but don’t take too long or your friend might become the Head Gardner first.

    Become the Head Gardener by collecting herb and flower seeds and using your garden tools to plant in the community garden and scoring the most points. Each round, gardeners take turns collecting herb and flower seeds (represented by dice) which they place and save in their wheelbarrow, as well as tools (represented by cards) which they use to plant sprouts. Players can plant quickly for low point spots, or push their luck saving their seeds for premier spots in the garden.

    Herbaceous Sprouts is played over a series of rounds, each with a different Lead Gardener. When the last Tool Cards are used, the game ends the final score is tallied.

    Each round has three phases:

    • Phase 1: Preparing the Tool Shed

    • Phase 2: Picking and Planting Seeds

    • Phase 3: Clean Up

    PHASE 1: Preparing the Tool Shed
    This phase is performed by the Lead Gardener of the current round. They set up the Tool Cards and Seed Dice for the round.

    PHASE 2: Picking and Planting Seeds
    In this phase, all players take turns picking resources from the shed and planting in the community garden. Starting with the Lead Gardener and moving clockwise, each player takes a turn. 
    Each player performs the following steps, in this order:

    A. Take a Tool Card & Seed Dice from the Tool Shed
    B. Add Seeds to the Wheelbarrow
    C. Perform Special Actions
    D. Plants Herb and Flower Seeds

    PHASE 3: Clean Up
    Players set up for the next round, or proceed to End Game scoring.



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