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    After meeting while working in Japan, wife and husband Nyree and Dave moved to Shepparton, Vic, to be closer to family. One of the first connections they made with local community groups (shortly after 36 Degrees South choir and Shepparton Ultimate Frisbee) was with the Goulburn Valley Gamers' Guild. After being coerced from afar to play the likes of King of Tokyo and Carcassonne by Wil Wheaton with other expats in Toyohashi, the tabletop obsession was already boiling away.

    With no local board game retailer in late 2019/early 2020, Board Game Market happened as a matter of convenience. What started out as taking orders from members of the Guild quickly became a small warehouse in one corner of the spare bedroom. Then a wall of the living room. Then a carspace in the garage. Now, with the youngest member of staff also in training, Nyree and Dave enjoy running regular events and pop-up shops here in regional Vic. Nyree can be found wrestling with the tape gun while packing up your orders, while Dave can be found watching hours of Gencon previews and pre-ordering stock months in advance while he should probably be doing something else.

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