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    Sauriana: Othniellians Starter Box

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    Sauriana: Othniellians Starter Box

    The Othniellians are fearsome, unhinged "Cowboys of Science" who bend paleo-biology to their wills - all in the name of achievement! Disciples of the mysterious Othniel Charles Marsh, these mad men and women transform themselves (and their victims) into slavering abominations that blend human intelligence with dinosaurian physiology.
    The Othniellians Faction Starter contains a posse consisting of a Rockhound, Othnielliosapien Tyrannus, and Saurianthrope - three amigos of monstrous evolution that form a flexible core for your Othniellians collection!
    Sauriana Game: 
    In 1888, the fabric of space and time was torn apart - The Interstice, a gap in the universe - rippled in the air over what was once Richmond, Surrey. Scientists soon discovered that this bizarre temporal anomaly could act as a sort of “fountain of youth” -  prehistoric fossils could be deposited into its swirling vortex, and through much engineering and experimentation, it was found that a human being’s life could be rejuvenated and extended by years or even decades when bathed in the energies released.
    The Great Dinosaur Rush was born- Paleontology became the new world power, fossil beds became the new gold mines. People from all corners of the world flocked in annual pilgrimage to the Interstice, sacrificing their hard-won fossils to gain the smallest sip of immortality promised by the wondrous phenomenon.
    A new economy was born out of the ashes of the antediluvian age...and with it, new conflicts arose...
    Game Contents:

    • 4x Miniatures (1 Metal, 3 Resin - and yes the dead horse is a miniature)
    • 3x Stat Cards
    • 1x Quickplay Rules Pamphlet
    • 1x 28.5mm Round Base
    • 2x 40mm Round Bases



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